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The Digital Marketing team is one of the Highly Qualified Pay-Per-Click agencies in Bangladesh. We manage high-volume accounts using our best practices. We offer an Affordable Pay-Per-Click Program.

Paid search and PPC

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most dominant and focused forms of marketing today. With more than 1 billion people turning to Google for their searches, it remains an area having high potential for advertising. Top ranking in free search results is good, however, for many, there are some distinctive advantages to paid search marketing that other marketing strategies cannot match to. The most important advantage is that free search results for your desired search terms may be out of reach or highly contested. However, with pay-per-click advertising, there is more assurance that your product or service will reach the right people at the right time, just when they are looking for it.

So if you want your business name to pop up to maximum number of viewers who are looking for products and services of your industry, PPC is the right choice for you.




PPC management is a meticulous process which warrants a lot of research and analysis. So it is important that you choose an agency that offers skilled Pay Per Click Advertising and gets you the maximum Return On Investment (ROI).

We at SeoSchoolBd want to give your business the exposure and attention that it deserves.  We use specialized and advanced techniques in Google Search marketing, as well as Bing and Yahoo. We stay up-to-date with the latest Adword features introduced by Google, ensuring that your campaign profits from them. In short, we ensure that rather than having your customers look for you, your business shows up to them just when they need it.


Search Marketing

We ensure that when potential clients search for a keyword relevant to your business on a search engine, your company name is what they see first in the form of advertised search results. You’re your client clicks on the result and enters your site, they can decide whether to make a purchase immediately or later on.

Display Marketing

Our display marketing services allow you to directly target relevant websites or apps that your potential clients may be browsing or using. For example, if your business is education related, your ad could be strategically placed in articles related to education. This way, even if your customers don’t come looking for you, you can target them according to their area of interest.

Our experts use professional and up-to-date tools to do an extensive keyword analysis for your business, ensuring that only those keywords that will give you maximum Return on Investment are retained.

Our valued customers are proof of our successful methods. Alan Wozniak after letting us help with his PPC needs for his medical insurance business wrote to us, “Thanks for saving me from spending a fortune. Now I’m assured that my ads are reaching people and places I want them to reach”. Tyler Oakley, restaurateur and budding entrepreneur let us know that he was “Ecstatic! Never imagined that just a simple PPC campaign would get my business booming like this!”

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